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Volume 18, No. 1: March 2013

Intellectual Opportunity Structures and Science-Targeted Activism: Influence of the Ex-Gay Movement on the Science of Sexual Orientation  link [Abstract]

Repressive Coverage in an Authoritarian Context: Threat, Weakness, and Legitimacy in South Korea's Democracy Movement  link [Abstract]

Mass Media and Institutional Change: Organizational Reputation, Strategy, and Outcomes in the Academic Freedom Movement  link [Abstract]

Collective Identity and the Subjective Terrain of Political Opportunities: Movement Dissension Over Participation in Party Politics  link [Abstract]

From the Street to the Screen: Characteristics of Protest Events as Determinants of Television News Coverage  link [Abstract]

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Volume 18, No. 2: June 2013

The Social-Psychological Origins of the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Social Interaction and Humiliation in the Emergence of Social Movements  link [Abstract]

Moral Economy Redux: Social Protests in Turkey after the 2001 Economic Crisis  link [Abstract]

Trust Your Boss or Listen to the Union? Information, Social Identification, Trust, and Strike Participation  link [Abstract]

Lawyering for Social Change: Pro Bono Publico, Cause Lawyering, and the Social Movement Society  link [Abstract]

Activist Human Capital: Skills Acquisition and the Development of Commitment to Social Movement Activism  link [Abstract]

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Volume 18, No. 3: September 2013

Social Movements, Framing Processes, and Cultural Revitalization and Fabrication  link [Abstract]

Past Activism, Party Pressure, and Ideology: Explaining the Vote to Deploy Korean Troops to Iraq  link [Abstract]

Motherhood and Opportunities for Activism Before and After the Czech Velvet Revolution  link [Abstract]

Rocks, Bottles, and Weak Autocracies: The Role of Political Regime Settings on Contention-Repression Interaction  link [Abstract]

Beyond the Usual Suspects? New Participants in ANti-Austerity Protests in Greece  link [Abstract]

Allies, Targets, and the Effectiveness of Coalition Protest: A Comparative Analysis of Labor Unrest in the U.S. South  link [Abstract]

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Volume 18, No. 4: December 2013

Frontiers in Social Movement Methodology  link [Abstract]

Computer-Aided Content Analysis of Digitally-Enabled Movements  link [Abstract]

Studying Online Activism: The Effects of Sampling Design on Findings  link [Abstract]

How Repertoires Evolve: The Diffusion of Suicide Protest in the Twentieth Century  link [Abstract]

Contextualizing Consequences: A Socio-legal Approach to Social Movement Consequences in Professional Fields  link [Abstract]

A Methodology for Frame Dynamics: The Grammar of Keying Battles in Palestinian Nationalism  link [Abstract]

The Radicalization of Contention in Northern Ireland, 1968-1972: A Relational Perspective  link [Abstract]

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